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This is an Ad. Jamie’s created the best of both worlds with this awesome recipe. Based on the amazing Japanese Omurice, it’s a seemingly traditional looking omelette but cut into it to discover a delicious, silky scrambled egg filling! Served on a lush tomato salad and drizzled with chilli dressing this dish will wake you up whatever time of day you eat it.

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44 Comments Add yours

  1. Arun Joseph says:

    lol.. he is so exited about the omelette.. so adorable..

  2. T S says:

    The flavour is in the seeds you dick

  3. tere herrera says:

    its amazing!!!!! your the best BRAVO!!!!!!

  4. SlamemSim says:

    The eggs didn't get seasoned!

  5. adamnealis says:

    Instead of salt, try a dash of fish sauce in your eggs before you scramble or make an omelette.

  6. i love you jamie! your personality, cooking, style are all amazing. hoping to become a great chef like you one day! 🙂

  7. Brian Chang says:

    i have been looking for this recipe from you for soo long, now i can finally do a Japanese style omelette rice

  8. Greg Kail says:

    I feel like Pavlo's dog . sitting here with my mouth watering 🙂

  9. Angela Qi says:

    This is literally a Japanese omurice with the rice b

  10. m. boy2016 says:

    i like and appreciate this person

  11. Makes it look so easy. He's a genius when it comes to food preparation.

  12. NO IMAGE says:

    omg he is so excited!! its contagious…

  13. Anna Key says:

    Turkey twizzlers are the nuts.

  14. Arthur Poon says:

    that's the Japanese style of cooking omelette

  15. I don't really like to use eggs when I make omelettes

  16. Sorry Jamie, that omelette looks undercooked to me!

  17. no inglés pero lo veo y lo escuchó

  18. isavin1730 says:

    I would love that Mr. Oliver!

  19. Enoch Chu says:

    ripped right off of Japanese omelet technique with no shame whatsoever

  20. Jamie making me hungry at midnight… again…

  21. Showkat Khan says:

    Jamie, your cooking styles are fantastic, so nicely explained and demonstrated. Easy to follow and practise. I have tried both your styles of folded omelette and scrambled egg and loved it. Thanks.

  22. for sure, there is nothing new under the sun, but first, just a slight detail or decor will make it look (and thus taste) differently, and second, I like the energy and love this guy puts into cooking! great job, Jamie!!!!

  23. Dan Lee says:

    I see it in Japan all the time

  24. We have all your pots and pans in this range and we absolutely love them 🙂

  25. I watched this with my son and he was drooling at the end of the video and we rushed to the kitchen and tried it out. Tasted good, but we could have done with better cheese , ours was too salty , adding the chili sauce makes all the difference in the world. Thanks Jamie .

  26. Penndennis says:

    He's getting really hard to listen to.

  27. It's like an omurice's omulette

  28. Wama says:

    i just love how excited he sounds!!! it makes me smile so much because hes just so happy hahahha

  29. What a bastardization of omurice!

  30. MarkAndApps says:

    Jamie really needs a michelin star. I hope gordon gives him one.

  31. An Easy Recipe and look delicious like this…
    Thank you,I don't have to make Instant Noodle anymore. >:]

  32. William Luo says:

    Why do u put lemon with chili? Does it help anything

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