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Cheap and easy meals can feed your whole family for under twenty dollars. Make cheap and easy family friendly meals with help from a professional chef in this free video clip.

Expert: Cristian Feher
Bio: Cristian Feher has been a professional chef for more than 10 years. He is also a writer, food stylist and videographer.
Filmmaker: Tiffany Cora

Series Description: Feeding your entire family doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and cheap meals don’t have to be unhealthy. Get tips on the healthy recipes that you can make whenever you’d like with help from a professional chef in this free video series.

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28 Comments Add yours

  1. Zuzu says:

    I've never seen onion in a carbonara recipe.

  2. Khadija Khan says:

    for this meal I will need only 4+1+4+2+6=18 riyals only

  3. people this is not cheap $20 is a lot. i try and make cheap cooking videos here in the uk and $20 is a lot

  4. Mark Buell says:

    Yes, these ingredients can be bought for a lot less than what he said. As for having $20 as a meal budget? Yeah, that is actually really cheap considering it is for a family of four people. That breaks down to $5 a person. And I wouldn't use an egg, as mentioned below, cornstarch would work better, and it would result in less people accidentally making scrambled eggs.

  5. Samantha Jo says:

    Why aren't there any measurements? Real helpful….

  6. Norma Baker says:

    It's funny you think $20 is cheap. Must be nice to think that way!

  7. Angel Cross says:

    How am I going to trust a fat man for healthy eating tips?

  8. Real carbonara doesn't have onions Basil garlic chicken sauce and all those things you put in there!!!! You look like a good guy , but please do not share false receipts. Moreover real carbonara is cheaper than 20$ . Ingredients are: eggs, bacon, pepper and pecorino cheese. That's it.

  9. Good job chef!! ( I do have to agree these ingredients can be had for a lot cheaper! :))

  10. Can i use chicken instead of bacon? I'm Muslim so I don't eat bacon 🙂

  11. Max Powers says:

    I am not an expert cook by any means, but wouldn't cornstarch or something be an easier solution to thicken the sauce? I can just see lots of people trying to use an egg and messing it up ending up by ending up with scrambled eggs.

    There also needs to be a cheaper way to make this recipe. I don't know how those ingredients were that expensive. It looks really good, and I would like to try this recipe, but his idea of cheap doesn't match reality for most people. Maybe by not using things like fresh basil, or using basil from your own garden, and a few other variations could get the price down to a reasonable level. Despite what he says about only using one kind of stock, you could try making your own bone broth, and using that instead of his chicken stock. After all people are watching this to learn to cook at home, not open a restaurant, so a consistent flavor isn't as important as it would be in a restaurant. Price is a lot more important for people cooking at home.

  12. mangana215 says:

    if 20 is cheap i would like to know how much would cost to eat at his restaurant this pasta

  13. sorry, my daughter had my phone earlier

  14. thank u soo much i made it everyone loves it!!

  15. chelle m says:

    Wow, where are you buying your ingredients?  I can get all of them for a lot less than $20.  More like $4.50 in Central IL.

  16. Where the hell are you shopping that each of these ingredients combined comes up to just under $20?

    I could buy all of these items for just around £5 if not even less..

  17. This is cheep it's 5$ a person

  18. How is $20.00 a meal cheap?

  19. Everyone complaining about 20 dollars. That's actually pretty cheap for feeding 3 or 4 people. Go to McDonalds then and stop crying

  20. cromerbeach says:

    $20 I'd want to do that for around $8

  21. $20 is not cheap when u have a budget of $200 a month for groceries

  22. Dean Maxwell says:

    cheaper to get a takeaway every night.

  23. This is not cheap . But it does look VERY tasty . 🙂

  24. 141johndo says:

    20 bucks? Better off buying takeout

  25. K V says:

    Good recipe and nice to see it come together.

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