Chilli Chicken Spring Rolls



We show you a quick & easy way to make delicious chili chicken spring rolls. You can use almost any chilli you like with these tempting snacks and you can be creative with the ingredients inside. Why not try strips of marinated beef or adding in some red onion?

Ingredients to make approx 15 Spring rolls:
3 large chicken breasts 1 red pepper
1 carrot 1-2 chillies of your choice
2 tspns cumin seeds 1 tspn ground ginger
2 chicken stock cubes Pack of filo pastry
2 tspn dark soy sauce Salt to taste
1 small pack of beansprouts
Butter for sealing rolls
Vegetable or rape seed oil for frying

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13 Comments Add yours

  1. WhoIsRamsey says:

    My mouth is watering as we speak! What kind of hot sauce goes best with spring rolls?

  2. DR Dan says:

    Hey brother, get yourself a larger wok.  The cooking will go faster and the veg will retain some crispness.   New subscriber from the States.  My favorite chili is the Habanero.  I just love the combination of flavor and heat, just right.  Tried the Ghost but it was just more heat than I want.

  3. this looks good you did a great job , good luck to the folks that eat the spring roll of doom . because of how hot it is

  4. can't beat spring rolls. problem I find by the time you have all the ingredients its cost alot and you can buy one from the shop cheaper.

  5. Nik Borton says:

    How have all the plants done this "winter"? I kind of imagine everything's carried on slowly down there. Up here in Manchester I stopped watering the greenhouses in October after harvest and nothing actually died until mid-December.

    I brought my Reaper indoors in September; it lost most leaves and all flowers and the small crop ripened without heat, but it never went dormant despite the rubbish light. I'm putting it down to 16C minimum temperature – yay for room-by-room electronically-controlled heating instead of thermostatic valves and a 24 hour timer.

    It's been having brown leaf tips which I've learnt is under-watering, so it appears it went back into foliage mode some time around Christmas! I'll try and perk it up with my new PremiumLED grow lamp which I've bought hoping to get seeds in this month instead of waiting until late March.

    Stupid Up-North. Good job it looks like I'm moving just south of Brum later this year.

  6. Mind hunter says:

    Use the intro in the start of the video (Clifton chilli club….) and (please like and subscribe ) at end of the video

  7. John Fisher says:

    Drooling and dribbling more than usual :)) They look lovely!

  8. TORONTO FIRE says:

    What's your address I'm coming over lol

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