Honey Mustard Sauteed Chicken Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 715



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  1. Please make a bourbon salmon recipe!!

    Everyone like this so she can see it!

  2. What can I use instead of chicken stock

  3. Howard Bond says:

    My lovely wife made this for dinner tonight…it was delicious! Everyone in the family was happy! Thanks!

  4. What can I use instead of the chicken stalk

  5. YiWei Ma says:

    I have one question, you put the honey and brown sugar, isn't is sweet???

  6. Dyno Nicole says:

    What are you using for the stock? Is that water?

  7. Wings11ful says:

    Hi laura please show some Christmas pudding recipe.

  8. kashka1962 says:

    What I love about Laura's recipes is the fact that she shows you all you will need at the beginning. For me, as someone who has just got into cooking in the last two years, this is so helpful. She has a great, unpretentious manner and I have made 5 or 6 of her recipes so far. This one is next!

  9. Suzy me says:

    Sadly I was out of grainy mustard, so to add that extra kick you get with that, I put in some crushed red pepper flakes… really good. Thanks, Laura!

  10. Samar - says:

    I tried it and it was soo good. Thank you so much

  11. jermini cong says:

    can I use white sugar instead of brown??

  12. excellent excellent excellent!!!!!! just made it for dinner and everyone loved the sauce. thank you so much laura v, you never disappoint <3
    i have a question though, what should i do if i want the sauce to be a little thicker/creamier

  13. frankelijah1 says:

    My first time making this last nite…..and boy oh boy, It Was Sooo Good! This Honey Mustard Sauce can go on ANYTHING! Thanks Laura!

  14. Had a big pizza meal tonight, but now my mouth is watering again. Looks so good.

  15. If food network was smart they'd give you your own show!

  16. I've made this before. So easy and yum!

  17. Renee Jones says:

    When I cook chicken breasts on my stove, my skillet always over heats and burns my chicken before its cooked all the way through. I add butter, and cook it on about medium to medium-high heat on an electric burner. How can I fix this problem?

  18. Simi G says:

    Laura is my girl! cracking out absolutely delicious food. I love how to educate us without being pretentious, how you are passionate about food and your make up is always on point! 🙂 Thanks Laura for the awesome recipes 🙂

  19. love your recipe am gonna try it… Thank you

  20. Congratulations !!!all your recipes are fabulous .Laura please don't open your mouth with food still inside of it when you talk

  21. Crystal Dawn says:

    I just made this recipe, and OMG. It was so good. I did cook mine a little different. I was roasting some vegetables, and they weren't ready yet, so after my onions were turning a little brown, i turned the burner down to low, put my chicken in the pan with the juices, and put a little bit of water and covered it for 10 minutes or so. note: my chicken was thick, so i knew it would be ok to let it cook like this longer. when my veggies only had 10 minutes or so, i put the mustard sauce in the pan, still on low, and let it do it's thing, turning the chicken once. then once my roasted veggies were done, i turned the heat up and took the lid off and let the sauce thicken. i didn't have any parsley, but it was still SO good. i highly recommend this!

  22. AnnaCze2 says:

    Wow this was soooo delicious! Loved it, thanks so much for the recipe it will become a staple in my kitchen for sure. I already shared your video with my mom and she's making it for guests tomorrow 😀

  23. Keyla Lara says:

    Oh Laura! I think this is one of the best things i have ever cook in my life, it was so delicious and i made it without stock. With mashed potatoes and the sauce on top as gravy, it was great. Thank you and greetings from Puerto Rico!

  24. yummmmm i have to try this one ! laura your awesome I watch your videos all the time !!!! Such an inspiration !! <3

  25. Laura can you show us how to make Chicken Cordon Bleu?!

  26. Glen Judge says:

    can u show us how to make beef wellington

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