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Make supper a super tasty time with this awesome mashup of your favorite flavors. Chicken breasts get baked up golden, then become irresistible with lots of zesty sauce, melted cheese and pepperoni. Pizza night will never be the same!

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  1. can you make a pizza bread??

  2. MegaLaidback says:

    Interesting idea.

  3. Callahan says:

    What is the song used in this vid?

  4. Younima says:

    I call it chicken parmesan…

  5. Chop Happy says:

    This video gave me tears of joy!

  6. Yum and cool music!

  7. What is this song called?

  8. napolitan chicken breast…mmm! delicious

  9. So it's just chicken parm but with pepperoni?

  10. Tina Versace says:

    so its basically chicken mozzarella with pepperoni

  11. Zee Hish says:

    Chicken parm with pepperoni

  12. Chicken pizzas are the best.

  13. looks delicious!!

  14. This makes sense

  15. Why did you use so much flour and bread crumbs for just two pieces of chicken?

  16. Tre The goat says:

    It's Called chicken Parmesan lol

  17. ctr del says:

    my two favorite things combined yay yum

  18. It's like Chicken Parm Pizza.

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