Stir-fried Chicken with Chillies and Basil #kitchen #health #wow



Chilli heat mellowed by fresh basil complements the fried chicken…

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video from Youtube

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  1. substitute of fish sauce ??

  2. Denis Sultu says:

    Mudz – this is a thai recipe not indian and if you think adding sugar makes it not spicy them you are an idiot. Recipe looks great, good job.

  3. this video was not very helpful because you did not explain the chilli and u add sugar so that means that this dish was not spicy at all u could have replaced the basil with coriander n green and yellow peppers add some lemon and extra chilli seeds and top it up with soy souse and then that would be a good stir fri thankyou but NO THANK YOU you so not know how to cook Indian food its a shame because you are indian

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